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I've done it! Just a few mintues ago I finished up what I believe to be all of the functional code for this new site, and now there's naught to do but write! So here's the idea. I've blogged before and really enjoy having an outlet for writing. Previously I've posted to a personal Wordpress site, and more recently I've been using the new Lesswrong as a place to put my thoughts. I really like the community that Lesswrong has going (and the fact that more community means more people who will talk to me about the things I write!) but I also want to have my own little chunk of the web where I have complete control over format, and I can write anything that I feel like. I've also gotten into webdev recently (past 3 months) and this has been a great little project to get more familiar with the tools and ecosystemss of the web. I was also told in a email chain that if I made my own blog with a static site generator backend I'd have good luck for the rest of my life and that 100% of people who didn't follow through were cursed for the rest of their lives!!! so there's that.

One thing I'm excited about is making some iteractive posts using html canvas. I think it would be a fun/great way add on to "Deep explanation/tutorial" style posts.

The current blog setup is open up a text file in emacs, write the post using markdown for formatting, and push to github. Netlify is doing my hosting, and it watches git for updates, and runs my build file to update the static files that are this website. I've still got to find a nice emacs theme that makes writing not annoying (it's far more pleasant visually (at least as of now) to write in say google docs), and I'll probably want add ons like a spell checker (5 points for each typo you can find in this post).

Lastly, as you are reading this, if the year is 2028 and you've just finished reading through my entire archive of posts, congratulations! Though there are few bloggers who I've read all of their stuff, there's definitely people like Sebastian Marshall and Tynan who have 9+ years of blog posts, and I've skipped straight to the first year to see what they were like back in the day.